Car rental Sudan Team

Car Rental Sudan is among the most reliable car hire company that has strong and trusted team read to render car hire service for both short Term & long Term car rental for the project.

The man behind Car rental company is Edward,  The expeditious young man that has been traveling as  backpacker and fell in love with the beauty of eastern Sudan to watch the various tourists attractions in the famous democratic republic of sudan. His words quotes

if you can choose a second home , then i can select DR sudan due to cool climatic condition.

Edward is a developed IT specialists , Educated with Masters in Public administration and currently Law Student. Learn more about Car Rental Sudan Experienced Driver

Edward Aka Frank J

Frank JEdward is the reservation manager for all car rental projects , is the team leader at Car Rental Sudan, he is based in Kampala Uganda


PaulinePauline is born and based in Bukavu, he is the Car rental Sudan operations manager bukavu office ,get the best project car hire services in Bukavu.


Moses Operations ManagerMoses is born in Goma and is based in Goma ,is the Car Rental Sudan operation manager for Goma office, but has been guiding tours in Virunga. Moses is experienced