Shambe National Park – Wildlife Safari: car Rental Sudan.

The comparatively small 620 km² Shambe National Park is located not far from the much larger Ez Zeraf Game Reserve and is sometimes seen as an extension of it, even though the two are not directly connected to each other. Shambe National Park is located in central South Sudan and the game reserve extends into the north. The distance between Shambe NP and the capital Juma is approximately 350 km.

With its many oxbow lakes, Shambe National Park lays within the White Nile River ecosystem and is home to many birds, including plenty of migratory species who enjoy the seasonal flood plains.

The park is an important refuge for a large number of elephants, and you also have a chance of seeing other large mammals such as hippopotamus, lions and several primate species here.

About the nearby Ez Zeraf Game Reserve

North of the Shambe National Park is the 6,750 km² Ez Zeraf Game Reserve, which was designed back in 1939 as a reserve chiefly for antelope species Nile Lechwe and Sitatunga.

This area is dominated by woodlands and seasonally flooded grasslands capable of feeding large numbers of grazing mammals. It’s an important reserve for hippopotamus in South Sudan.