Boma National Park- Wildlife Safari South Sudan.

Boma National Park is a protected area in eastern South Sudan near the Ethiopian border. It was established in 1977 and covers 22,800 km2 (8,800 sq mi) of grasslands and floodplains.

How to Get there

Boma National Park is located west of the town Boma. A road connects this town to Raad along the Ethiopian border, and there is also a road going southwest out of Boma through the park via Kassangor to the town Kapoeta. Boma is served by the Boma Airstrip (coordinates: 6° 10′ 50.74″N, 34° 23′ 20.62″E), which is roughly 340 km from Juba International Airport.

There is just one runway here and it is unpaved. There is no scheduled traffic, so you have to arrange your own transportation through a charter plane or similar if you want to fly in.

Things to do & See in Boma National Park

The park is an important refuge for white-eared kob, tiang, and Mongalla gazelle. Other large mammals are buffalo, elephant, African leopard, Nubian giraffe, oryx, hartebeest, Northeast African cheetah, common eland, Lelwel hartebeest, maneless zebra, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle, Lesser kudu, bongo, Giant eland, and Nile lechwe.

It is also an important bird area; avifauna includes Ruppell’s vulture and the black-chested snake eagle. The neighboring Gambela National Park in Ethiopia protects similar species.

Best Time to visit in Boma National Park

From March until June, the animals are moving south and east, from the floodplains of the Sudd and Bandingilo National Park across to Boma and into Ethiopia, keeping ahead of the rains. Combining Southern National park visit to south Sudan safari with Car Rental Sudan.

In the dry season months from November to January, the direction of the migrations is reversed. The animals return in search of pastures watered and made rich by the silt left behind by the flooding of the White Nile.