Bandingilo National Park- Wildlife Safaris: car Rental Sudan.

Bandingilo National Park is located in South Sudan’s Equatoria region. The park covers the erstwhile states of Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria. It was established in 1992, Situated in a wooded area near the White Nile River, it is over 10,000 square kilometers (3,900 sq mi) in size.

Earth’s second-largest annual animal migration, involving multiple species of antelope including reedbuck, tiang, and white-eared kob.

For those interested in predatory animals, the park offers the chance to see lions, African wild dogs, and spotted hyenas, as well as the more elusive caracals and Sudan cheetahs.

With vast tracts of marshlands located along the White Nile, it comes as no surprise that Bandingilo has been described as a birdwatcher’s paradise.