Motor Grader hire in Sudan for Road Construction

GradersHiring a Motor grader from Car Rental Sudan is a very linear process due to the presence of construction managers industry experts who help you in the equipment leasing of the motor grader.

Over the many years, we have been in business renting out our top of the line graders like caterpillar graders and Komatsu graders we have overcome all obstacles that come with different conditions of various construction sites;

We have overcome these obstacles due to our fuel-efficient and high power motor graders. We value quality that is why our machines are tailored with quality speed transmission and sturdy bodies to withstand any external elements and any earth moving project in  Sudan, Juba , Khartoum , Magwi & Gogrial.

Being the best construction equipment hiring company in Sudan year in year out we are the right fit to help you lease a motor grader for your construction of roads, highways and superhighways  Contact us.

Our lorry/truck price are the most competitive leasing price in the market and we give discounts on bundling on earth movement

  • 4×4 Gear
  • Informed about mechanics
  • Manual Transmission
  • Experienced Driver
  • Diesel
  • New Models