Short Term Car Hire South Sudan, Car Rental Discounts

Planning a weekly or daily visit to South Sudan?  Car Rental Sudan offers the best car hire services in South Sudan and Sudan.

Car Rental Sudan has the required experience in handling car rental in risk countries like South Sudan which is the youngest country in Africa. We have been in the car rental business for the last  10 years since the firm started operations in Congo ( Car Rental ).

Car Rental Sudan is the home of Long Term Car Hire in South Sudan, Congo & Uganda. Whether you need a Long Term Car Hire in Juba or Monthly Car Hire for more than 30 days or even a long term car lease of up to 48 months, Car Rental Sudan can help. We have a wide range of monthly car hire options available throughout South Sudan.

Benefits of monthly car rental in Sudan:

Long term car hires with Car Rental Sudan can benefit you in more ways than one. Not only will you have a smashing set of wheels for your own personal use with Experienced Drivers, but you can also reap the following rewards:

  • Long term car rental is a lot cheaper than the daily rate. Provided you are renting it for 30 days or more you will get superb cheap monthly car hire rates.
  • You will have your choice from a range of top-rate cars.

Fleets available for Long Term Car Rental in South Sudan

Car Rental Sudan is the only local company in south Sudan offering car hire services, these fleets include Toyota Landcruiser lx and LandCruiser Prados since they are strong to handle the unpaved roads of Sudan. Contact us to book long term rental on monthly deals.

Land Cruiser Lx.

Having a project  & looking for car hire in Sudan? Car Rental Sudan offers the best car hire services on long term hire with driver from US$ 120 / day.

Land Cruiser V8

Looking for luxury LandCruiser for short term car hire in Sudan? Car rentals offer transfers to all national parks in  Nimulewith a driver from 110 USD.

Land Cruiser Hybrid

Visit Sudan & travel in luxury project hybrid land Cruiser while in Sudan for business trip or safari in Sudan with Car Rental Sudan from 160 USD/ day.

In the Long Term Rental option we also provide a fully trained and verified chauffeur along with the car for project, embassy & mining projects in Sudan with Monthly rates. When you rent a car you deserve all the extras like noise reduction features, rear-seat heat, air conditioning, and duplicate audio and climate controls. Rent a true luxury car!

Drive in style and comfort with your family in a spacious luxury car and enjoy a high-performance driving experience. Luxury car models available in Car rental Sudan are Jeep, Mini Bus, Nissan, Toyota.

Fleets available in all locations.

  •  Juba City
  • Bukavu City
  • Butembo City
  • Nimule Town
  • Kisangani Town
  • Beni Town